Website Design Relaunch & Consulting

With its services, PROLUXX GmbH ensures a perfect product presence at the point-of-sale. madpat creates a new corporate design for this and, in addition to print and advertising materials, also develops the new web presence.

Corporate Design Development

Until the finished logo we develop a series of designs and pursue several logo ideas. Mood boards support the design process and the decision making of the corporate identity.

Website Development

The new guidelines for corporate identity determine the language of form and colour of the new website. This is implemented on the basis of WordPress and offers the customer the greatest degree of flexibility. In addition to design elements, madpat also creates all business photos that will be integrated on the new website.

Print Matters

Matching the chosen company logo, madpat creates print materials and promotional items for everyday business.

Flyer Design

Compact and to the point! This is how PROLUXX services are presented in a handy square flyer. Ideal for postal dispatch to customers or to support business meetings.

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