München Ticket

Google Analytics Tracking | Online Marketing

madpat won the agency pitch and integrated Google Analytics with extended e-commerce features at München Ticket. München Ticket is the leading event ticket provider in Bavaria and a company of the city of Munich.


madpat receives the project lead for the integration of Google Analytics based on Advanced E-Commerce-Tracking and further individual tracking KPIs, which replaces the tracking solution of econda. For this purpose, we developed a comprehensive tracking specification, which was developed through workshops and best practice cases. The provided specification maps all stages of information search, decision-making and purchasing processes, so that München Ticket now has intelligent and data protection-compliant evaluations of its shop.

All tracking snippets provided by madpat were finally implemented in the SAP ticket shop muenchenticket.de. In this project, madpat coordinates various service providers who carried out the final technical implementation. At the end of the project, the extensive tracking tests were carried out in a test system before the project went live in mid-2018.


Online Marketing

madpat restructures the Google Ads account and regularly trains the marketing team of München Ticket.